Make a Point

Make a PointDrawing Hope offers a unique co-fundraising program to select community organizations - such as Gardner School.

David Ilan, the artist at the heart of Drawing Hope, draws using only dots, a technique called pointillism. David always uses his art to motivate awareness, activism and change.

Recently, David has been teaching pointillism drawing to fifth-graders at Gardner Street Elementary School in Hollywood. The students at Gardner School were excited to create their own pointillism drawings. Each student was given an assignment to create a dot drawing that reflects humanitarian works such as protecting the environment, helping sick children, or promoting world peace.

Following the event, the students' artwork was made available in an online auction, the proceeds of which will support Gardner's music and arts program.

Drawing Hope can bring the Make A Point program to your organization. Through Make A Point, children and adults have the opportunity to create beautiful artwork that expresses their vision of hope. Then Drawing Hope provides the tools for the art to be auctioned as a fundraiser.

To apply to have your organization considered for David's Make A Point program, contact:
Michelle Easter,, +1 408 438 0129.