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  • WelcomeAbout Drawing Hope

    DHIDrawing Hope is a tax exempt charitable organization that – through art – serves survivors of abuse and other life struggles. Drawing Hope helps survivors connect with their own strength, see their beauty and embrace their freedom.

    Drawing Hope's projects aim to raise awareness of globally relevant issues; educate about topics that are not easy to talk about; inspire people to help each other to survive, heal and live well; and motivate action that – on a global scale – will create change.

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  • VIP SupportersDHI Celebrity Support

    DHI thanks our VIP supporters who help us get the word out about our projects. With their help we are able to reach more people in need of support. For a list of our VIP supporters click HERE. Melissa McCarthy and David Ilan

  • Our SponsorsThey keep us going!

  • The picture is beautiful. I found myself staring at it for 15 minutes, crying. You are creating an image that I wish to embody myself one day.

  • Thanks so much for the Points with Purpose project. It gives the ones of us who have been assaulted a face.

  • Thanks for being an artist that is truly trying to affect the world and ignite change and response and healing through your work.

  • I'm proud to be a part of this project because of the love and caring that inspired it, and grateful to be part of it because I know it will help me to heal just a little more.

  • I am deeply moved by your caring heart to do such a wonderful thing with your artistry. The concept is intriguing and your work is amazing.

  • I want to thank you for your courage you have for all these woman, including me - for giving them a chance to talk about their cross in their lives.

  • I'd like to thank you for your tenacity in what can only be a very difficult project and to salute you in your choice to stand up for women who are just getting up...

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Drawing Hope International can use your help in many different and rewarding ways. We would love to hear from you if you would like to spend some time making a difference.

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Drawing Hope International can't do the amazing things we do without your help. Your donations make helping survivors possible and we truly appreciate your support.


Blast from the Past

Those of you who have been supporting us throughout the years may enjoy these older clips. Here's one from our 2012 Gala. Go crazy, watch it full screen.

Remember this one? How far we've come since this 2011 news clip about our Points With Purpose project.